Texas Workforce Commission
State of Texas
Austin, Texas
TWC and its Workforce Solutions partners will maximize the power of innovation and partnerships to boost superior business outcomes and realize a competitive advantage for all Texans in the global economy. 
As well to promote and support a workforce system that creates value and offers employers, individuals, and communities the opportunity to achieve and sustain economic prosperity.
I started working with TWC at the beginning of August of 2020 of the pandemic.
I was hired as a Creative Media Designer and have worked on various projects for its employees within Document Services in the Business Operations Division.
In 2021 our team was moved to join forces with the Campaigns department and as of today we have been known as the "Campaigns and Creative Content" team aka the C3 team for the Outreach Employment Initiatives Division.
In 2022 I was promoted to Marketing Specialist II and started working more with campaign and marketing aspects of the C3 team, examples being marketing decks, data collecting, working more closely with communications on social media and much more!

The C3 Team with TWC!

We get requested these for more as handouts for vendors and other events that 
TWC employers either host or attend.
All documentation that is requested by clients are usually made accessible for our disabled clients and are made downloadable from the state website for purposes in order to share or print themselves such as certificates, brochures and etc.
In order to make brochures accessible and read appropriate we put each layout onto a different art board so when saved as PDF it is in the correct reading order with their program such as JAWS
(Job Access With Speech).

White Cane Day Promotions
I was given the opportunity to make the signage and t-shirts for the 
20th anniversary of white cane day
We are requested to do flyers for fairs, other agencies and board postings.
We are usually requested to make english, spanish and vietnamese alternations for 
common language barriers.
Clients request signage for their agencies all year around for various usage to events to basics. 
It can ranges from conferences, parking, seminars, banners, web banners etc.
Annual Reports
All reports are done by a division and are then passed to us to design layout and make it more appealing along with making the report digital accessible for web posting and clients.
Each report runs about 20-100 pages depending on the client and are all done in indesign 
with a saddle stitch or coil binding process for print production.
TWC Annual Conferences
Our annual conferences are our main event of the year where we celebrate successes and learn more of our full agencies since Texas is so big we want to gather and learn as a whole for our understanding the workforce as a whole as Texas.
Web Banner and Live Photography of the 2022 Annual Conference
Printed Collateral and Sign Display for 2022 Annual Conference
Web Banner and Live Photography of the 2023 Annual Conference
Printed Collateral and Sign Display for 2023 Annual Conference
Social Postings
This is pretty heavy requested from our division as we post to facebook, linkedin and other platforms for more people to attend wether that be online or in-person events. We want to spread the word for good outcomes and noticeability.
Logo Creations
This is also pretty requested from our department when new identities are formed. We take pride in our creations and the new identities to pair them with the current brand. 
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