"It's not what we have in life but who we have in our life that matters."
The Mission
Manacle, Creating one of the most finest quality gift sets that can satisfy that best friend that has ended up as a family member to you in your life. We know you care about them so why not show them that you do before they say the "I Do's".
Manacle is the only unique gift set that provides the "all in one" for you and your closes friends to celebrate in high class before the big wedding day.
Brand Voice
Manacle is a high class, roaring twenties and art deco inspired brand. Intended for a mature audience of drinking age to enjoy as a gift for the closest friend group to celebrate the friend that is engaged and to let them know you care for the next upcoming chapter. They might be getting married bu​​​​​​​t you know your not forgotten.
For the mature audience of the ages of twenty-one to mid fifties. The gift set is intended to celebrate no matter the age of marriage. Making this the perfect gift for the friendship that you value

The logo was inspired from Roaring 20's and Art Deco of conception of shapes.
I wanted to bring a beautiful serif in for the display type and then a secondary type for readability.
Color Palette
The color palette was based off of traditional wedding colors as well as the art deco inspired patterns.
What's inside?
These gift sets contain some of the finest alcoholic beverages in variations of three from bourbon to sangrias.
○ Celebration Bourbon
○ Congratulations Whiskey
○ Cheers Cognac
○ I Do Champagne
○ Elegant Sangria
○ Lovely Rose
As well as a featured playing game for those long nights.

Limited Edition
Playing Cards or Bunco
Of course we can't forget those party favors.
Have a charming cigar or a complimentary shot glass on us.
The packaging for this project was the main aspect of this concept, It would be sold in local liquor stores as a luxury item initialing that it is a party package or a great wedding gift for the occasion. 
Instagram Promotion
I picked instagram because it tells a story just like your friendship, Instagram is mostly used for either a personal or business relationship but when it comes down to it, it also keeps track of those memories. That can express emotion which I wanted to bring to Manacle, simple but elegant advertisements that show it can be enjoyed by all wedding parties.
Web Promotion
I wanted to show some local advertising since this would be sold in common liquor stores for a more high class but on the go situation, As well as showing it in a bridal site that it can also be added to a wedding registry.
Billboard/Signage Promotion
Representing Manacle in a fun lovable friendship. 
The billboard was inspired by the general liquor advertisement you see on the daily highway.
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