Disney College Program
Walt Disney World Resorts
Orlando, Florida
As a Disney College Program participant, I became a part of the magic that is known worldwide. I gained valuable, on-the-job experience working in our parks and resorts, participate in college coursework, and had the opportunity to meet and live with people from all over the country and potentially the world in company-sponsored housing. This truly unique five- to seven-month program allowed me to participant and to network with leaders, take part in personal and career development classes, and build transferable skills such as problem-solving, teamwork, guest service and effective communication.
When applying to the DCP in 2014 I did not know how long it would take to get my acceptance or if I would of been accepted at all. Through various online testing in quizzing and phone interviews I would be accepted into the program June 2014 where I would be working for the Walt Disney World Company as the new Fall 2014 intern!
Traditions is essentially Disney's orientation and the first step after you are accepted into the program. 
Every cast member, DCP or not, has to go through it. It's a four hour long, paid, processes in which we learn about the essentials of being a Disney employee, and how our role as a cast member sets the bar for customer service around the world.
Working as ODV in Epcot
I was then placed into Outdoor Vending in Epcot of Future World! 
I ran the food carts... to helping guest find locations around Epcot! My next couple of months consisted of working eight to five's and extra time of course during the holiday season! 

Creativity and Innovations Course
The Course Summary
The Disney Creativity and Innovation Course combines theory and experiential assignments to introduce students to the main concepts of creativity and innovation. It will explore their crucial importance to individuals, organizations, and the entrepreneurial process. Students will learn various tools to promote creativity within themselves and others, processes to increase innovation, how to contribute to a creative team, how to manage creativity, and how to establish a culture of creativity within an organization. As a result, students should have greater understanding of and appreciation for the creative/innovative processes and be better able to harness and direct those forces for themselves and others. This course prepares students to contribute in a unique and productive way to today’s entrepreneurial and organizational demands.
The Learning Objectives
-Develop new products, using “intersectional” thinking.  
-Design an innovation, product, process or service utilizing key aspects of the innovative process. 
-Demonstrate an understanding of the 7 Levels of Change. 
-Evaluate the importance of creativity and innovation for entrepreneurial and corporate growth. 
-Analyze and differentiate between the components of the creative person, process, product, and environment. 
-Assess creative development and prescribe a plan of action to enhance the ability to think more creatively and foster innovation. 
-Analyze major barriers to creativity and innovation in the workplace. 
-Apply four primary tools for encouraging individual and group creativity. 
-Identify primary management techniques which facilitate creativity and innovation. 
-Describe ways an organization can encourage and discourage a culture of creativity and innovation.​​​​​​​

After the completion of "Creative and Innovations" and "Disney Heritage" I had passed both classes with flying colors and had received my "Ducktorate" and "Mousteers" from Disney University! 
I have also been awarded the Creative and Innovations Course badge for my personal linked in profile for future employment purposes.

Overall Assessment of The Disney College Program
I had enjoyed my 6 months of my program in Orlando, Florida.​​​​​​​ If I could do it again, perhaps!
The knowledge and experience I've gained from the Walt Disney World Resort has helped me in so many ways and I hope to only gain and expand my knowledge from everything they had taught me along the way!

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